UK Guantanamo Network – Next Vigil at Parliament Square 7th Dec 2022 1-3pm

Twenty years later, there are still 36 men detained in Guantanamo – many of whom have been cleared for release.

The UK Guantanamo Network are an alliance of UK activists and organisations dedicated to closing the prison and securing fair trials or safe release for the men held there. Our network includes the Guantanamo Justice Campaign,  London Guantanamo Campaign, the Close Guantanamo Campaign, Freedom from Torture, and Amnesty International.

President Joe Biden has said he wants Guantanamo closed, as have a number of former and serving generals. No law is keeping it open, just a lack of political nerve.  What’s needed is pressure from citizens who know that the rights of any prisoner will eventually affect their own.

Our activities have included:

  • Campaigning (successfully) for the release and return to the UK of Omar Deghayes, Binyam Mohamed and Shaker Aamer
  • Organising films and panel discussions (including former detainees, film directors and MPs) at the All Saints Centre and more recently at The Depot where we organised a showing of The Mauritanian followed by a Q and A session.
  • Ran an academic conference on Guantanamo with the University of Brighton, featuring activists and academics from around the world. Details here
  • Supporting vigils and protests organised by the Guantanamo Justice Campaign in London, Brighton and other towns
  • Working to launch an all-party parliamentary committee to examine Britain’s role in Guantanamo – past and future.

We need your help! A huge push is needed now to ensure that Guantanamo is CLOSED and those detained there (or previously detained there) receive justice. Please be part of this push if you can. 

We have been holding vigils every month in London, and our next vigil will take place at:

Wednesday 7th December   

Time: 1pm – 3pm  

Location: Parliament Square  

Activity/Purpose:  A two-hour static protest opposite Parliament holding photos of those still detained and placards. Engaging with passers-by, handing out leaflets with actions to take and being a visual presence to those working in Parliament. 

Please let your MP know you are taking part in the vigil and ask them to come over to see us while you are there. If you are not attending you can still write to your MP and tell them about the vigil and ask them to show their support to the vigil this Wednesday.