11 Jan 2024: One vigil and Two Online Events

Worldwide Vigil Against Guantanamo

A vigil will take place on Thursday 11th January from 1pm – 3pm outside the US Embassy in London, organised by Andy Worthington.  Andy co-ordinates this event with groups in Brussels, Washington DC, Detroit, Mexico City and elsewhere around the world. You can read more about what is happening in other cities here. Please let Andy know if you can attend this vigil so he knows how many people to expect at: andy@andyworthington.co.uk

Online Events on the 11th

The first is from 1700-1800 GMT hosted by the American political think-tank New America, featuring Fionnuala Ni Aoliain, who wrote the recent UN report on Guantanamo, ex-detainee Mohamedou Ould Slahi, and journalist Andy Worthington.


The second is from 1830-2030 GMT hosted by CAGE, featuring Fionnuala Ni Aoliain, ex-detainees Mansoor Adayfi and Moazaam Begg, and the lawyer Clive Stafford-Smith who has represented a number of the men, plus two additional recently released detainees.


Please also join us for these Guantanamo events in London and online.  The All Party Parliamentary Group for the Closure of Guantanamo, which our group has helped get started, will be meeting at Westminster this month.  Ex-detainees who spoke at the last meeting are now addressing politicians in the United States.

Your support is making a difference!